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I have just filled HID lighting to my 2003 ZX6R, and the lighting has become fantastic.
As you know the orginal lighting on the ZX6R is as good as powering a light house with a side light bulb.
The light beam are 600 times more powerful the yellow bulbs, and the low beam is a powerful as the main beam with 180 degress of light in front of you.
I would never change back, ppl can see me for miles, there legal over in the uk, wondering if its the same across the pond, if so, please take a look at them :)

Dave :)
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Hey Dave. Here in the states the hid kits are not illegal in most places. However in some places they are because your only allowed to have factory installed lighting. Some places HID's are not illegal as long as they fall within certain temperature range. Most places however can pick and choose when they want to enforce the laws. However I see them begin into enforce them more soon as people are using blinding HID's more and more. 55w is good without blinding on coming traffic but a lot of people are going with 100w etc and it's way too much. I definitely think HID's are a great thing though

twisted throttles brings me smiles
Someone HID my cupcakes.....:facepalm:

Thanks byte2022 :)

earl you nutcase LMAO :)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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