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(For Met and Virt) by request.

For anyone who doesn't know me, I am MadMax (you will see old posts under "Doomsday" ). I recently came back with a new profile but I'm still the same guy minus the straight jacket, I keep taking it off, it would be pretty hard to ride that way, haha.

Used to ride a 250R but I upgraded to a CBR 600RR, a simply love it. I had to come back and rejoin cause I miss all my newninja peeps. I've made some good friends here, hope they are stiill good friends, I wouldn't change too much, well maybe getting banned for two weeks. :'( But I leave the past in the past.

I'm sure I'll still be controversial. I look forward to catching up on everything I've missed and getting to know more new regular members better.

New profile pic (below).


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Welcome back buddy, the place is different with out you!!! :p
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