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Here is my ride...

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Man 250's are such a beautiful bike...and on another note, this video looks nice! It did however remind me of the title credits of the wonder years hahaha.
Wow that sure is an amazing bike, I almost want to get it in blue instead of green...
I love the Monster stuff too. :)
Hey im thinking of buying this bike.

where do you get the monster ones from?

ive been looking all over the internet but i havnt found anything.

All I found was this, last week on the site they had those stickers, they may be redesigning them or what not but keep an eye out because they'll most likely put them back up since its great advertisement.
awesome thanks :)

but then again i live in england so the monster stickers would seem strange as we odnt have it over here :p

we have red bull and relentless...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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