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Got the new key to the bike, changed all the fluids and battery. Started up with rough idel and starting fluid. After warm up I slightly touch the gas. And cut off. Also cuts off when I put in first and I can't seem to get the bike to shift past the neutral point
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Honestly that could be it but I won't know until later because I'm at work. I honestly had no clue about the kickstand saftey switch until I Googled some last night. I'm still a super noob at bikes lol
We all have to learn sometime bud. The only reason I suggested that is because it has come up before on here twice since I have been a member and to those of us who have been riding a while its second nature. However, to a new rider it can be easily over looked when just getting to learn the process of everything
pretty sure my carbs are clogged -__-
I'll find a post you a video. But trust me they aren't that bad
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