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Help Me Pick...

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Okay, As you all know I own an 08 Ninja 250r.

Well in a few years when my finances will allow, I will be purchasing another new bike. Now Money will not be an issue, So assuming that, here is my list, tell me what you think about my list or if there is another that isnt on my list that you think would be sick...


1. Ducati 848 or 1048

2. Gsx-R 600 or 750

3. Aprilia SXV 5.5

4. Aprilia Dorsoduro 750

5. Aprilia Shiver 750

6. Aprilia Tuono 1000R Factory

7. MV Agusta F4RR 312 1078

Now keep in mind, I am keeping my 250r for daily work commute, and This next bike will be a fun any other time than work riding... ;)
and the reason why Honda CBR didnt make the list is i hate the new ones, really ugly in my taste, and The ninjas just arent to my liking either... Let me know what you guys and gals like and dislike... your opinions are valued and desired.
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The MV is one of my top bikes... the 848 is Awesome, but the cheaper GSXR750 will show it up. Money no option, the MV... GSXR750 for budget, thats what I'm going :p


I almost forgot...

8. Kawasaki z1000

Only I would have to immediately remove and replace the exhaust with aftermarket before i show my face in public... haha I hate that exhaust.
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Ducatti I mean im not a naked from end front kind of guy. Just never liked it. But that ducattii is freaking sweet plus its white. I am definally gettin a white bike this spring.
That z-1000 is different looking...I wouldn't go with that...

What's wrong with the R6's? And if Ducatis are on the table why are you asking this question haha
i agree ducati 848, thats what i want next! maybe not the best performance bike but such a sick machine... freaking italians!

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If I was going to go a Duc, sure I LOVE the look of the 848, in person it's such a sexy bike, even if the ergo's are BRUTAL, I would still want to go something that wouldnt get taken by a lesser bike...

Ducati 1098 S Tricolore FTW.

Or my personal fav.


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tough choice as these are diff. types of bikes. The kawi z1000 would be a good cruiser, aprillia's also. I'd only take the mv to the track. So, what are you mainly going to use it for? I'd go for ducati every time. Have you seen the new monsters? I was looking at them a few weeks ago, and i think it would be my dream bike, it has style, prestige, and balls. I like a bike that has balls. (no ****)
youngphillip85 said:
I like a bike that has balls. (no ****)
Ok now that you said that im like WTF?!?! my bro says that all the time and its funny to hear it from someone else then him. lol All the kids around here just started saying that like 2 months ago.
Thanks all for your ideas and such,

Mainly its gonna be a "play" bike, just for taking out in nice weather and going on trips to laconia new hampshire's bike week, stuff like that, and my 250 will be daily driver.
so i guess i would want something halfway comfortable, if what felix is saying about the ergos is true, i might have to go to the dealer and sit on one to check it out.

I never liked the naked bikes too much either but they are kinda growing on me.

While the ducati is amazing gorgeous, I tend to like the beefier frame looks, not the little tubing... so its gonna be a tough choice. r6 didnt make the list cause i want something more than just a yamaha... haha jk r6s_2nr...

Just didnt cross my mind as something i wanted next, i would give it a serious look over before i buy my next bike though.

Felix those Ducatis you posted are sooooo sick! i love the tricolour and the white striped one is sick too.

but if you look the mv has some sick special edition colours and stuff too! the F4CC is 120,000 and only made 100 and you get a personalized watch and leather jacket.
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mm yeh i would definitely want something more than an R6 too haha just playing r6s_2nr those bikes are sick.

The ducatis are one of a kind and just holds that prestigious name. Since money wont be an issue id go with that as well. But i think my next bike is gonna be a triumph daytona 675 since i probably wont be able to afford a ducati any time soon and i can actually get my toes on the ground comfortably :)
How bout you skip the Ducati and get an R6 and throw me the extra cash for my car?

crushedcamber said:
how pricey are the triumph daytonas? i didnt even look at those...
msrp is 9799.

but dont get it cuz its hideous! soo ugly and not worth it! just kidding! check them out theyre pretty sick. i like them a lot cuz they have a lot more of a narrow body and it has a unique 3cyl motor and with a shark or jardine exhaust it almost sounds like an f-1 car but not really
I do like the frame on the monster... very nice and beefy...

that r6 is nice jest, but when i was your age nobody just handed me money that they worked hard to get...
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