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Hoping there’s an expert on here who can help with my issue…
I’ve recently upgraded all my dash bulbs on my 2009 250r (uk model)
Everything worked fine apart my low fuel light. From what I remember the light comes on and goes off when you turn to “on” as per the startup sequence.
So when I put the new LED bulb in it stated on continuously…there is enough fuel in the bike so I took it out and put the old bulb back in… when I put the old bulb back in it didn’t work at all so I tested it in another plug and it worked.
I used various bulbs which I knew worked and it still does nothing. However when I try the led bulb it stays on non stop so there is power there but it won’t accept the old bulb…

I hope this makes sense I’m a relatively new owner and this has my mind baffled. Thank you
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