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Help - gas gauge is way off - leaking fuel?

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Hey guys,

I filled up my tank for the first couple of times and it appeared to be nearly all the way full (I could see the gas near the top of the tank) but afterwards the gas gauge still showed only 70% fuel remaining. WAY too much 'remaining' to match the fuel I could see with my eyes....

Am I missing something?

Also, if I park the bike over night in the morning it seems like I have less gas... even after riding for a bit to let the gauge catch up to what's really in the tank.

There are no fluids or anything underneath the bike when I startup either.

Any suggestions?
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The tank size is advertised as 4.8 gals. 4.8 is more than likely the capacity with sufficient space for air. Putting in about 5 gals, is only a difference of 29 ounces. With an avg speed of 55 mph, you can get very close to 300 miles on a tank (providing riding conditions are optimal, i.e no hills, no wind, no low temps, lightweight rider)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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