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I am going to buy a new helmet here soon. I was just wondering, If I got a custom paint job on it of say, a Michael Jordan Jumpman logo, would this be copyright and therefore illegal? Would I get in trouble for it? This may be a stupid question but I was just wondering because I have seen so many people with custom helmets.
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jkv45 said:
You are fine unless you were selling helmets or artwork with the logo on it.
Okay great, thanks. Any idea how much they usually run just so I have a ballpark idea.
NDog65 said:
I would suggest vinyl graphics. Alot cheaper and when you go to sell the helmet you can remove it.
Thanks NDog. I will look into that
NDog65 said:
Your welcome. Im in that industry so if you have any question ask me.
Do vinyl decals look as good generally?
I really like this helmet but I'd like it white on black . Idk if something like this would be possible with vinyl decals or if it would look right. Any info you'd be able to share?


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NDog65 said:
It is almost impossible to do a full graphic, but a name or something like you want on the back is doable.
So maybe just like that Jordan logo on each side and a name on the back would be doable?
NDog65 said:
Yea that would work. Also depending on how much it cost, it might be worth it to install it your self. All you would need is a credit card, lighter, and scissors.
Alright thanks for the info!
mischae_ninja250 said:
I don't know where u live but a Jordan symbol is a gang. Jordan Downs
Jordan Downs...isn't that out in Cali? I'm on the east coast so I think I should be good haha. I'm not looking to represent any gangs. I'm just a huge Michael Jordan fanatic. I wish his motorsports team was Kawasaki instead of Suzuki so I could get all the custom fairings, but I'll try to do what I can ha
mischae_ninja250 said:
lol, u should be good.... lol
Alright thanks haha
1 - 9 of 16 Posts
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