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from not so sunny sussex, well yesterday i done something that ive wanted to do for a very long time, i became the owner of a 98 zx6r in green with purple wheels :dance::dance:

Ive always been a honda man but have dreamed of owning one of these bad boys.....i have many questions that i will no doubt be asking over the next few weeks like.....why doesnt my back brake work.....and silly questions like.....whats the best oil to use for the engine.....so ill be keeping you all busy:facepalm:

chat to you all soon
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Welcome to the forum!

Sussex England or USA?

Congrats on the new bike!
sussex uk :) so really what is the best oil for this bad boy?? lol
Awesome another brit on the forum! thats 2 new brits in a week.

Best oil, youll be looking at something like 10w40 fully or semi synthetic.

I use hein gericke own brand fully synth in my bike and it works a treat!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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