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Hello there fellow enthusiasts!

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Hi everyone, the names Jaime aka 'Red'. Live here in Miami, Fl. I have always been a huge fan of bike since the 1990 kx60 so I know how awesome Kawi's have been and always will be!

I lost my right arm in street bike accident in July 2006, however I still have my passion to ride and now more than ever will I. I recently went down to the local mx track and actually saw a guy that recognized me from when I was a little squirt on my kx60 and cr80. Imagine that?

That was millenia ago, lol not quite but feels that way to me! Anyhow feel free to asks questions. Oh and im mechanically inclined as well as planning to get myself a atv for the mx track here so any advice as far as what atv I should be looking at let me know. :thumb:
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