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Hello from Michigan

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Hi everybody. New to this site. Seeing lots of cool bikes in here!!!!!
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Welcome altec! Nice 250 ya got there. I wanted the red Kawi but settled for the blue (price was too good to pass on). What brand on fender eliminator is that or did you go the homemade kind? Where abouts in Michigan ya from? Spartans or Wolverines fan?
altec135 said:
Thanks Bulletproof! I wanted black one and still do but the red is my second favorite and they only had this at the time of purchase. It's a home job fender eliminator. I just chopped off that stupid tail it came with. Wolverines all the way. I live in Ann Arbor.
Yeah I have to agree with ya on black too but the new ones have that yellow graphics on it and that I don't like even though they probably come off easily. Nice job on the fender elim. I'm thinking about doing that to mine and selling off the Jardine one I have. On second thought... I can't sell that POS to another 250 rider. Just wouldn't be prudent. Go Wolverines!!!
altec135 said:
Cool!! I just used a Dremel and cleaned it off with my utility knife. Looks nice and clean cut.
Nice! I was debating on what I was gonna do cause the Jardine fen. elim. didn't come with license plate lights and was looking at lighting options. Other fen. elim. Kits include them but are more expensive so the homemade one solves them issues.
Delta107 said:

Bullet - LED License Plate Bolt Lights is what I did!
Yeah Delta I was looking at those but I was going to rig up some white LEDs that I could "take" from work. But now I'm not digging the Jardine as I saw it was going to take a lot of modification to get it to correctly fit. I shouldn't have to put up with all that nonsense, paying for something that should "bolt up" and don't. Know what I mean...I gotta find the receipt. Ship that POS back.
Will do. Just been to lazy with Memorial Day. Riding, went crabbing with my brother (not too much luck.. Bout a half bushel), drank a few brews.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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