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Headlight bulb? Failed inspection :(

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New member here. Bought a used 2008 ninja, went to get it insected and it failed Maryland state inspection :(
One of the reasons was the slightly yellow colored headlight bulbs. Can these bulbs be found at a regular autoparts store. I just need clear bulbs to pass inspection, as long as they fit in and power on, im good.
Also, are there reflectors on the front fork and somehwere on the back of the bike? Where are they supposed to go?
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just go by pep boys,advanced auto parts etc.. and you can most likley find some inexpensive sylvania's or something
yeh, thats what I figured. Did not know if those bulbs are motorcycle specific or just general automotive.
The bike is also missing the tag light. The @#$^&* at the dealership tried to sell me one for $30. A lightbulb and 2 wires for $30. ARGGHHH

Get yourself some of those instead. Ebay, 18$US.


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Sorry to hear of your problems on a new bike. Lokk at the pics or vids, they wil show you where the reflectors go. I personally would go back to the stealership and demand that they make the bike right. If not report them to the BBB Better Bussiness Bureau
all you need to do is use dot reflector stickers like i did on mine. check out my mod list i did and get some reflectors for the plate as well... take a look.
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