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Happy Birtday Racer X

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Happy Birthday Racer X. I hope it was a good one. :dance:
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Hbd x
Happy B'day Old man!!!! :p
Hope you had a great day!
Thanks. Everyone.
September babies are the best :D


Hope you had a good one.

Enough celebrating already, get out there and set another LSR record!

Jay V
Happy belated bday!!!

YES!!! Us Sept babies are the best!!!!
HBBD X! May there be many more!
You guys are great Thanks
Happy Birthday mang! Hope you had fun.
Look what my wife gave me for my birthday. Now I can record the runs to video. I can't wait for this .


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with that wide-angel, don't forget to turn the camera around onto you as well.... :p
Hey Miss D . Long time no see. You gettin ready for winter?
Hey Miss D . Long time no see. You gettin ready for winter?
Unfortunately yeah...

Just did an oil change!

Tomorrow buying a battery tender and some fuel stabilizer. Followed by washing and waxing the bike. *Starting to get depressed*:nonono:
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