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Hand Numbness

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Hi everyone i was hoping to get some help on this, my hands tend to go numb after about 30 min of freeway riding, what can i do to prevent this? my gloves fit great. It gets to the point where i have to wiggle my fingers to get the feeling back. ay answers?
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Mine do the same thing but it is from years of overuse.

Maybe try using fork risers. roaring toyz makes some. They will bring you up a little bit. They just bolt on so if you don't like them you can remove them.

Also bring your shoulders down and elbows in. Relax your posture . Shoulders down is my mantra .... I have to keep reminding myself constantly.
Try riding for a while without gloves and see if the problems persists, obviously on roads they aren't busy. Falling without gloves on is no fun. I used to have this problem on dirtbikes and fourwheelers but I'm guessing it had alot to due with the bar vibration. Even if your gloves fit great they could be causing the problem.
i sometimes get that too so i just lean more forward and my butt back and rest my arm on my gas tank and ride with one hand or put on hand on my waist and always takes the numming away, my right wrist i broke it a long time ago so it will hurt if i ride for a long period of time (30 min of more). what about your guys feet do they ever go numb? mine do i have to strech them while im riding hahaha feels weird!
Not sure if there are any available for the 250R or not, but I know you can buy aftermarket "gel" hand grips that supposedly help reduce the numbness feeling.
Its almost hard to judge what the problem could be since everyones bodies are so differenent. But as stated above, relaxing your posture (while still remaining in a safe riding position) will give your wrists a wrest. I'm not assuming that you do this, but your weight shouldn't be focused or placed completely on wrists anyways.
Not new gloves are they? I got mine a couple weeks ago, and they are finally broken in. Even though they fit from the start, my hands weren't used to them so I lost some circulation. But it doesn't happen anymore.
Other than that, sometimes I don't realize that my elbows are bent tightly and my forearms are tense. Being aware and relaxing helps a ton.
Actually I got that too riding out the '07's to the last shuttle launch and didnt know what it was. Felt like the vibration was alot, but from what I hear the 08-09's have less vibration in them. I never ride without gear....all I need is a Bike of my OWN lol.
Swap to the other hand? :p


what the f*** felix gonna make him do stunts now! abe new signature move the switcharoo! :D
Sweet, so many replies!!! Thanks for the info, i guess i do tend to ride kinda rigid, ill loosen up a bit more, i will try some gel grips, found some online, i dont think ill be swapping out hands! lol! Switcharoo here i come! haha. Thanks everyone, will post back a foolow up on this issue when i find out whats wrong.
i used to have this problem too...just loosen up, and maybe try to develop more strength on your fingers/grips...
If your hand numbness is either the last two little fingers .Or your thumb index and middle finger. It is caused buy pressing on a nerve. It is called "cycling paulsey" It can be a real problem when doing long bicycle rides like ten or more hours.
What people do is move there hands around .Change your grip and exersize your fingers. It is a problem for motorcycles with the throttle and all but that is what you need to do to keep from getting a numb hand. If you ride for 30 or 40 hours non stop (people do) the numbness will last for weeks. Also don't where a wrist watch and see if that helps . It may be a circulation problem if it is the whole hand .Make sure your wrist is not at a funny angle.
so biological, darkhorse! are you a doctor or something?
I've read on another post somewhere that you should'nt lean all your weight on your bars and instead squeeze your bike a little with your legs and support your upper body with your lower body, so that if you were to let go of the bars ( which i dont recommend ) you will stay sitting up without the help of your hands, I find that this works great and my hands dont fall asleep. ;D worth a shot for you to try...
I am a long distance bicycle rider. My wife is into ultra marathon type rideing. She is going to ride 760 miles or 1200 kilometers non stop in 84 hours. That ride is in Austrailia. She just did 1200 k in France riding from Paris to Breast witch is on the coast. and back.and a 1000 k in the cascade mountains of Washington state. I know about numb hands bad knees tendonites and scrubbing gravel out of open wounds. I ride motorcycles now.it is easy and safe.
1200km non-stop?! that's crazy!
did she get to stop for food or something?
ccy said:
1200km non-stop?! that's crazy!
did she get to stop for food or something?
:D No actually she ate pieces of the bike as she went, so when she was done she had to walk home... :D

im just playing, im sure you would stop at some point, the body can only put out so much without putting in.
They carry food on the bike and eat all the time.you stop at controll stations to get a card stamped and get more food and water. If you let you glycogen level drop. That is the complex sugar the body uses to fire mussels you can not recover with out rest and more food . It is cridical to keep the tank full or you will BONK. But you still can't stop riding. Every part of you body starts to hurt you cant controll you emotions . first dispair then uforiea where you feal great then anger and depression. All in like a couple hours. you start to see things that arn't there . I thought I saw people ahead of me once and could not catch them. It was mail boxes along the road . I thought they where people when I would catch the mail box I would forget it was what I was chasing and start chasing the next one a mile down the road. IN 90 hours She got 3 hours sleep that messis with you if the food dose not.
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