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Had a Little Fun..

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Today a couple friends and I were bored so we decided to take a ride out to an abandoned air strip (now Cummins' test track for their turbo-diesels) for some closed course action ;)

The one friend brought his evo (with mods) and the other brought his sonata (stock). Here are the results:

I'll start with the battle of the cagers!
YouTube - Drag race!!!!

Next up I decided to take on the evo for being a good sport more than anything. Of course I knew the 250r was no competition in a straight line :rolleyes:
YouTube - Evo vs motorcycle

And lastly I got a victory! The v6 Sonata was no match for the ninja fury!! :thumb:
YouTube - 250r vs el coche

It was a fun time; we made a few laps and got a few vids ^^^. And BEFORE you guys get your panties in a bunch, I WAS wearing my jacket... it was just pretty chilly today and the ride out there (about an hour) sucked all the heat out of me :p. I actually wore two sweatshirts with my normal gear. I didn't track very hard because I don't have a full suit/boots yet plus I need a new rear tire soonish; it still has the crappy dunlops on it... I didn't really trust the pavement in the corners.

Keep it on the track.
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Videos = Liked :popcorn:

Is that your youtube? - was going to add/subscribe you.

This isn't, although I have one (well I have a few... but you don't want to watch a thousand random videos from when I was 15, do you? lol)

Username: jtgrenie

For you and anyone else who wants to add me. My channel is pretty boring right now lol. I don't have any videos yet, but that's because I haven't found a suitable set up yet either. Maybe a GoPro is the foreseeable future ;)
sweet! I always like to see younens having fun! Reminds me of the old days... :p Now it costs too much to do the same for me. :p
Ummm ...... no.
(Me - JT - Spooph) ha-ha

My smiley only watches cool videos. :popcorn:
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I didn't think so! The one I account I posted above is my current channel :dance:
I thought this would be a bigger hit... :( :facepalm: :rolleyes: :whistling:
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