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Green /w Green HR1

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Thought I would post a pic w/ it finally done.
Not sure about the stripes though. May take them off. I got them off ebay but I think I'm goin w/ tapeworks.


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I'd say drop the stripes. The darker green kinda contrasts the rest of the bike... Which leads me to the can: I thought it was supposed to be color matched, not just color-resembled?

I'm not a huge fan of the tiny can immediately off the head pipe. I think it'd look good in the stock location, but not just stuck up there. I hope you like it though. :) How's it run and perform? I thought they sounded pretty sick.

Nice eliminator btw. Custom or bought?
yeah say bye bye to the stripes, bike looks sick btw awesome!

now post a vid lol
Yeah vid would be nice...like to hear how it sounds.
Can looks retarded if its in any other place, trust me I cut the pipe about 8 times. Color is pretty close but not exact. I have a K&N, Yosh head pipe, factory pro jet & dyno. It dynoed at just under 32hp. Factory Pro settings = needle 3rd clip, 112 main, screws 2 1/2 turns out. This was the best set up for the bike and im at sea level. The bike stopped pulling at 9000rpm running on the dyno w/ the can all the way open(variable back pressure slider on can)we then put it to about a 3/4 open and BAM!!! the thing is dead on. Ill give you some camera phone action tommorow
Nice work! It looks bigger on the bike then I thought it would. Oh and drop the stripes :p Good result on the dyno, thats what I'm hoping for with jet kit.


I would love this exhaust if like have the actual can would be tucked behind the faring. Then that would look sweet. Not a fan of it but looks better then the stock ill give you that. lol
Looking at that pic and remembering the green one that made me buy this bike.... im kinda sad i didnt get the green... :'(
Dont get me wrong i love the red, but the way your exhaust is tucked under and even the rim stripes even though they arent the same color they still look hot IMO... damn... oh well, im getting rid of the red soon anyway ;)

had i have bought the green i would probly keep it green... sick bike sicpup, keep it up. and lets get some more pics of that cute pug in the photos... ;D
SicPuP, i'm not one to criticize people's work or anything but...that manufacturers color sucks! lol. I think maybe you should take that can off and paint it yourself, they got it all wrong. You did an awesome job with the install and it looks great but the color man!!!
O.k. I agree with virtual. I just didn't want to be the first one to be an A$$hole about it. I do think they did a really good job with the blue can.
Leave it to delta to come in and agree with the last post... good or bad... :D

Im playin around...

I think it probly looks closer in person... sicpup? does it?
I wasnt being an asshole about it at all, I think SIC did an awesome job with the installation and it looks great and i'm happy he likes it and I cant wait to hear it!!!

But just the color you know? Leave it to a newninja forum member to get the job done right lol.

I say drop those stripes, go with Tapeworks like you said. I like the looks of the can but, the color matching is way off, I'd go with the matt black instead. Sorry if I was rude or something, bike's looking good.

It does look better in person but it is not an exact match. I ordered the tapeworks today. If I can remember when I get home from work ill try and post a vid.
SicPuP74 said:
It does look better in person but it is not an exact match. I ordered the tapeworks today. If I can remember when I get home from work ill try and post a vid.
Awesome cant wait to hear it...rev it big time btw lol.
def. tapeworks. i got the blue on mine, and it is just ridiculous. perfect match, and looks baller when a cars headlites shine on your rims. but nice bike also. a matched green rimstripe would do you well
Ok its up in the vid section. Sry it took so long.
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