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Grand Opening Even!

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grand opening event! november 15th! ride now powersports has a new location in goodyear, az and celebrating it right with food and drinks, fashion show, bikini contest fire works display live band and music and a free dyno! and to top it off having a free drawing for a polaris 450mxr and a suzuki rmz450! should be a fun day full stuff come out and join the fun! ride safe!

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At least your tolerance will be WAYYYYY down...
It must be nice to have different grades... F-in DE Haha But Yea if I wasn't stuck out on the East coast I'd def come out it's just that cross country ride that gets me.
Haha true man yeah the junk over here is just that... junk. Haha But really though it's like a bud drought for real.
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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