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got rear ended at a stop light

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i was on my way home from school and was stopped at a light when out of no where a car slammed into the back of me going 40 mph. all i remember was getting up imediatly, taking off my gloves and helmet and limping around trying to breath. after i cought my breath my foot started really hurting and the ambulance, police, and fire truck came and took me to the hospital by ambulance. we got x-rays of leg because the pain in my right calf was outweighing the pain in my foot. well it turns out that luckely its not broken and the abrasions on my legs are kind of minor. but today my whole body achs. this sux!!! and to make things better my parents hit a deer coming home from picking me up! what a night huh. can someone tell me how to make my pics smaller so i can post em.
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I'm so sorry! People really need to f*ckin pay attention when they drive. Driving isn't the time where you ponder your day, put on your makeup for your date tonight, eat your dinner, read the paper you never got a chance to read while you listen to the radio and talk on your cell phone.

You're all set right? - the other guys insurance is taking care of it?

Pics - just go to tinypic.com and upload them there, then copy and paste the "direct link to image" link and put it in between brackets here by clicking the button under hte italics button when you're posting.

It should come up with <imgt> [link] </imgt>, with ['s and ]'s instead of <'s and >'s
Shoot man. Sorry to hear that. Hope you heal up quickly.
Im glad your not seriously injured, how is the bike?

here is a similar occurance that happend to me...

I almost got rear ended by a lady in an audi, as i was about to turn left i was stopped on the yellow line waiting for traffic to subside and i looked in my rearview and she was coming and fast over 40 and she wasnt moving over. my heart started to race as i was determining what to do next pull out into oncoming traffic or further in front of her or what, so i did what most would do and froze and luckily thank god last minute she realized and swerved around me... and to think all i wanted to do was top off my half tank of gas and could of died...

i think that drivers are getting so bad we are gonna have to take it into our own hands, from now on im packing heat on my bike and if someone does something stupid im shooting there tires out, itll make em think twice about pulling out in front of you again wouldnt it? ( im kidding, but we really need people to stop doing so many damn things in their cars )
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duuude his insurance is buying you a new bike right?
crushedcamber said:
Dude, that is so horrible, you sure your okay?
Yeah dude that looks really bad. What were you wearing for gear?

crushedcamber said:
I think i might actually :'(
in the event that he does actually have insurance, feel free to give it to me. It'd be much cheaper to ride it down to my house than to ship it to delta in Colorado. Plus we could ride together...
Damn dude that sucks!! I would of got up and beat the shit out of that person. But ya sucks to hear about the bike. If insurance doesnt pay for I would definally go towards the law. Who the hell is going 40 up to a stop light?!?!?! Well good luck with everything, are they going to get you a new bike or just give you the money to get another one?? I was pissed when I laid mine down and I cant imagine how pissed you are. But ya good thing everybody was paying attention (except the person who hit you) if not SPLAT!! Thats the one thing im thankful for.
yeah my right calf and ankle hurts and i can barely walk right now. got me on multrin and vikadin to ease the pain. i have a headache right now but im a walking miracle. i couldn't believe nothing was broken. i should probly be all healed up within a week or two.
Wow. That looks REALLY bad. I'm really glad you're gonna be alright. Hope everything works out as far as the bike goes.
he was insured and mine said it would be covered and they would pay me for the bike or fix it if its fixable, clearly the insurance comp. hasn't looked at it yet. im telling them i want 4000 for it and if they dont want to give it to me ill file a lawsuit against that guy for. i might just file a lawsuit anyways though for pain and suffering.
Yeah I would definitely do something about it, cause you never know if it's gonna leave you with some long term damage or something that might surface when you get older. Also, the cocksucker smashed into the back of you. Teach that stupid f*ck and all the retards like him a lesson.
all of my family is real freaked out right now but everyones glade im ok. honestly by what the bike looks like im just happy to be alive. another part of the story i hadn't mentioned yet: me and my fiance always see each other when im leaving college and she's going, she always takes my backpack and puts it in her car but for some weird reason i wanted to keep my backpack. ultimitly i think my back pack saved life and is the reason im not paralyzed. i was wearing my helmet with a beanie, bike jacket with pads in it,teknic gloves, jeans and my farrari leather puma's.
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