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Got a good deal on a HD video camera today. I was looking around on the net and saw something that looked odd. I was looking at some cameras and other stuff when I ran across one for $19.00. What was interesting was the really low price. The normal price ranged anywhere between $55- $139 bucks. I thought it was a misprint or scam or something else. Out of curiosity I called an inquired about it. The customer service rep at Sears did a hell of a job locating a store that had one. Amazingly enough the price at the store was...$11.00!! Yes, $11.97 to be exact. The average cost of a Digital Disposable Camera...about $10.

Told the sales clerk to hold it for me. The box had not been opened nor returned. The reason for such the low price....closeout. This is what it is

I actually paid more for the memory than the camera, the whole thing was under $40.

So far the thing is nice. Does not run long on cheap batteries though. Just a little over 1.5 hrs on cheap batteries videoing in HD. I got some rechargeable batteries that I will run tomorrow and see how long they last. Apparently any of these units left in the Sears retail stores will go the the Sears outlet stores at these low prices. I've been calling around and checking to see who else (Sears stores) has them.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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