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I'm selling my Gopro Hero 2 for $185 w/shipping to the USA only. This is the outdoor edition, so it comes with all the parts the original came with. Only had it for about 5 months. Let me know if your interested. Please be advised that I will be shipping this USPS from a military base overseas, so shipping will take a little long than usual.

Content included:
- 11MP HD Hero 2 Camera
- HD Skeleton Backdoor
- Waterproof Housing
- Rechargable Li-ion Battery
- Vented Helmet Strap
- Head Strap
- Three-Way Pivot Arm
- 2 Flat Surface Adhesive Mounts(Unused)
- 2 Curved Surface Adhesive Mounts(Unused)
- 1 USB Cable
- User Manual


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Love to have one, but......:facepalm:
First need to get my shoulder fixed....:thumb:
Then find another dam job....:eek::eek:
N get my fat ass back in a gear....:eek::eek:
N work on getting out of Maine by next winter....:thumb::thumb:
So guess where my $$$ gunna hafta go....:thumb::thumb:
Bet u'll sell it fast tho......:thumb::thumb:
Seems a lot of people are using these to make vids these day 4 utube vids.....:thumb::thumb:

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