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Hey guys i finally got my BLACK '09 250r (will postpicks up this weekend when i get some daylight hours to take pics) and after riding it for a bit i have one thing that bugs me that i want to fix.
I seem to be seeng more of my arms in the mirrors than the cars behind me and i would like to get some extenders to help my viewing angle.
i have found some here

and was wondering if they are a reputable site / if anyone knows any other places that sell these?
Im also after a good place to buy.

Zero Gravity Bubble windscreen
Pazzo Levers
Rear wheel stand (the right one for 250r)
Black rear seat cowl (good quality)
Good / easy to install fender eliminator
Clear tank protector

So if anyone knows where would sell most of those things so i can make one big order (make things easier) please let me know.

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That is Zero Gravity's outlet site. I got the double bubble for 70 plus shipping, and it came packaged well and fit great. I would recommend it.

Ebay is best for Fender Eliminators. If you get a targa kit, like I did, it comes straight from targa and was a smooth transaction. Other kits are available there too.

As for the seat cowl, I reccomend going to the dealership and having them order the genuine kawasaki seat cover ($119 or so) rather then trying to order one that could be a knock-off. I just got mine yesterday, and it fits great.

Here are a few more sites I have ordered from. They are reputable and have great closeout deals.


Hope that helps you out.
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