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So lately I've been on the hunt for some new gloves. I have two pair presently, a gauntlet style cold weather glove and a short mesh/leather glove. The mesh glove is the Z1R Cyclone, which I wear until temps hit the 50's. They are a couple of years old but still work and feel great ( with just a little wear on the finger tips), especially in the 90 degree heat we've had here lately. Now the problem with me and gloves is fit. Most gloves are just designed so awkward, it makes finding a pair that fit properly on my hand difficult and having real big hands doesn't help any. Most places just don't stock too many gloves in a 3XL. I've been to several bike shops and motorcycle gear stores to find something that fits....well... like a glove.

I went to Cycle Gear and bought a pair of BILT Circuit Racer Leather Motorcycle Gloves. I had seen this gloves a couple of times at the store but the price was $79.99 at that time. The first time I tried them on, I liked the way they fit, but for some reason one glove did not feel right and of course they only had the one pair that fit, so I did not get them because of the fit issue. After trying on numerous gloves and sizes priced from $29.99 - $199.99, I settled on these. At first glance they look as awesome as a $200 pair of gloves, most importantly they fit great. Although it looks like a full leather glove, it has a breathable panel around the fingers, air vents on top of the fingers and back of the hand. The glove features;

* Quality supple semi-aniline airflow leather
* Pre-curved sport fit
* Full leather palm with overlays
* Unlined for a closer fit
* Cantilever knuckle panel with reflective piping
* Molded knuckle with carbon inset
* Molded finger vents with metal mesh
* Molded vent with metal mesh behind cantilever
* Leather finger overlays with memory foam padding
* Leather finger stretch panels
* Memory foam padded cuff with Velcro tab
* 5-Year Guarantee

The leather seems a little soft which makes if flexible, but it is double layered where it counts. A nice silky smooth lining helps the glove go on nicely even when my hands are slightly damp with sweat. The knuckle protector is nice and large, which makes closing of my hand real easy. It's almost like wearing a nice pair of driving gloves. The gauntlet is adequate length covering below the wrist bone and the large velcro strap close up well. There is also a reflective stripe on the back of the hand. The really excellent part about these gloves are the way they breathe. I was afraid they would be too hot and my hands would be super sweaty. All I can say is OH WOW! The stretch panels in between the fingers lets in a ton of air making the gloves very tolerable in very hot temps. I was surprised at how cool my hands were. To be honest I don't think I would have paid $79.99 after comparing them to others in it's price range, but $39.99 is a hell of a bargin for this glove. You'd be hard pressed to find a $40 glove that comes close, not unless you get a deal on a close out model.

So my only dilemma now is finding out which pair of new gloves I like the best. I'll see how these gloves hold up over time. If they last 2 years, I'll be fine with that.

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I find I struggle to find gloves that are as comfortable on the bike (wrapped around throttle) as they are in the shop...

My current pair of gauntlet style gloves are a great fit off the bike, but once I'm on the bike twisting the throttle, I find they pull tight across my knuckles :(

And now that my best fitting set have started to perish from 20000km of sweat, I'm down to only the gauntlets :(

Nice review!



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I have handroids, helimot, and held phantoms. The above are ok for street use but they need to change the name of them because those are not a race glove.
I think they would hold up well in motocross racing, grass track racing, flat track racing and maybe even some enduro racing. I don't think the name Circuit Racer implies that it is a racing glove no more than Handroids imply gloves that act in a mechanical, automatic or robotic way or
Held Phantoms implying something that exists only in the mind; illusion or something that seems to appear to the sight but has no physical existence.
It's just a name...
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