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Getting a big bike HELP

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I'm a total newb in the uk and I need advice on what to do....
I'm 16 years old and I got a provisional moped license and a and I've been riding an aprilia rs 50 since September 2011 (I wanted something 'bikey' asap) and I was goin to get a 125 but my sister who owns a Suzuki Sv 650 is going to Canada next year said I could have it (restricted to 33bhp obviously) but I don't know if I can and the dvla website isn't much help
Any advice is great thanks :)
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physically capable? Probably.... Mature enough not to wreck it in the first 2 weeks? Only you can decide that... I don't know much about the UK system/insurance and all that jazz, but what I can tell is that any person can ride any bike with the right mind set, and enough practice... It's all up to you really. Also, welcome to NN!

And how 'bout a pic of that RS50... ;)
I like to think I'm safe on it and I'm not too irresponsible and I was raised around bikes so I'll do my best not to wreck it and i was surprised by how much the weight is similar :) I'll try to get a pic up If I work out how (on my iPod) thanks for the reply and welcome
If the iPod doesn't work try a computer. Or an iPad or an iPhone or Blackberry or a wiggit...

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Will try that... Does any one here know anything about the uk system ?? :)
Wish I could be of assistance, will wait patiently ...

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Welcome to NN. I'd say, ask your sister. She knows you, she knows the bike and, in my opinion, would be the best judge on whether or not you can handle it.
Not sure what you mean nef but all assistance is helpful :) I think I could handle it and its a perfect size for me too the only issue is the law and my sister and I weren't sure if it's allowed
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