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....Because StockWall hates us. LOL JK!

I figured that I've seen a few computer/Video game posts that I'd make this thread for any computer, hardware, any tech questions and answers.
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eh he still will come in here. just hates us cause we know about computers? hows that a geek fool. i know alot about alot of things. just so happens computers is one of them. I took a computer class at my highschool just for an easy credit and i learn all my stuff there. aint no problem knowing how to use something that you need for the future. :D
ooooh he said the F letter!!!!

Funny people think you need to be einstein to understand computers in the first place, I've got 53 Certifications, and 2 Major Certs and hell I just do it because I'm bored half the time. I fix and build my own shit, love to experiment with BIOS and overclock my shit so I dont have to go out and buy new processors...until the one i overclock dies lol.

Okay so one of the things I saw that really struck my attention. A GPS system for a motorcycle! How cool/unsafe is that!!! Anyways, looking for one when I get my 250 soon. Whats your opinion on looking at a GPS and road at the same time? We do it with our gauges but our gauges are more pronounced than an LCD display.
So do you think its safe?
well ya it can be ....your not gunna be STARING at it constantly.....i hope not. u can probably glance at it occaisionly and stiil use it to navigate
hmmm well sweet, I might pick one up along with a loud exhaust lol.
I think you can get ones that connect to those chatterbox systems, (think) but that seems like it'd be cool cause you could here it, and only have to look at it to check your route real quick or whatever. Still a lot of people use them.
haha just like in GTA...

My father had one in his lincoln and it was annoying as hell. Sounded like Pearce Brosnan with the flu. Maybe these have programable voices.
what kinda of gps where u looking for a turn by turn directional gps or just a "gps" altitude trip stuff like that
Not exactly turn by turn, but I like taking long trips to nowhere and especially coastal cities where you can get lost. I go to St. Petersburg, FL and that place is a damn maze.
Speaking of the GPS....what about helmets with built in speakers? If you applied that to the voice on the GPS you would be fine.

Does anyone have a tekky helmet like that? I always wondered what it would be like to listen to music on the bike for long trips
I see alot of guys with those helmets riding Honda Goldwings. Looks pretty nifty, I'd like one where I could just hook in my ipod and go lol, sooner or later they'll have one. The i-Helmet!
How do you jargoffs get the animated gifs to work in your avatars and signatures?
I got one to work by directing it from URL to the site..but i like my green ninja better lol.
ummmm okay heres how i did it get the html code for posting a pic on the forum just by clicking reply and the little pic button 2nd row 2nd in line....looks like a photo.... get that code and post in in the signature spot and then put the link between it, for signature...then for that little guy beating his hand i just poted the line in the spot it asked me to. just look for moving jpg pictures or somehting on google u csan find some
Oh I tried all that. I was hoping there was some cool secret, cause I had some really sweet bouncing boobies. Oh well.
ahaha idk if the moderators would like you having that, there's females on the forums that may be offended lol.
oohh!!! well hell now you know where my heads' at...

Have you tried uploading it from your computer?
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