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Icon Motorsports Merc Leather Hero Jacket / was $370.00 i paid $300 cuz one of the snaps on the wrist was broke, ( i fixed it and saved $70 )

Joe Rocket Big Bang Boots paid $110

GMax GM68s Crusader Graphics ( has leds on the back that stay on or flash fast/slow, so you can be seen at night) Paid $107
and Joe Rocket/Kawasaki Gloves Paid $42

Now i need some pants, Im thinking of going with these...
Icon Hooligan Denim Pants... Cost $110
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Nice, love the helmet. Those boots look MASSIVE. :D


I've got the same helmet, color and all.
little noisy, visors fog easily, but its light and comfortable.
watch the LEDs the switch is really easy to bump and kill the batteries
Sweet leather jacket. I want to get the same, only the womens baby blue one. I agree with Felix the boot look massive.
The boots are a little large but i like em. they got that "dont mess with me or ill kick you" look to em... haha
and to Plasmatoast i do have alot of wind noise i havent had any problem with the visors fogging up even in the rain... i waxed mine with maguires wax, so maybe thats the ticket... try it id say...
I think hellboy when I see those boots from some reason...
CSBrad said:
I think hellboy when I see those boots from some reason...
Haha LOL
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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