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What if it won't even turn over? On several occasions I have gone out to warm her up and she won't even turn over. Choke full on, key in On position, she cranks put no turn over. I had even tried turning the throttle ever-so-slightly and she turns over but immediately dies out. Yes, battery is fully charged and is on a battery tender when not use. Full tank of gas.

Other times when I do get her going i wait several min. She revs high, turn down the Choke and get gear on, I then pull out but as I turn the throttle she dies or is about to unless I pull in the clutch, I have found myself everyone in awhile leaving the choke on for a mile or two --- I normally ride my 650R, but my wife's 2011 250R needs to have its legs stretched once in awhile until she gets back in the saddle ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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