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Gas Tank Seal?

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My ninja is almost brand new and I love it. The only thing that is bothering me about it is sometimes the bike will make a really high pitched noise like air is escaping from something. I have figured out that it is the gas tank that is making the noise. I was just wondering if this is normal or if I should take it into the shop and have the seal looked at to make sure it is tight enough. Thanks!
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Oh man, take it to the shop right away. It will cost you about 80 bucks for them to diagnose the problem in about 5 min and tell you that it PERFECTLY normal.HAHA. Its just pressure releasing from the tank. It wont hurt anything. Just pop the tank open and it goes away. haha
Well-known kawi design issue. Been going on for years across various models.
There is a fix, I wont post it as its on another website, just search for gastank problems on ninjas.

The fix isnt for the faint hearted, looks pretty involved.


It can be quite annoying huh? Mine got so loud the first day i purchased it you could here it inside the office building where i work. Some idiots even thought my new ninja had an anti theft alarm. lol 8)
Just live with it. Get some head phones or something. Thats a good fix. haha
well thats good maybe people will think its an alarm and wont mess with your bike
Everyone who's seen the bike thought it was an alarm.
I havent ever heard mine do this..does it happen when you park it in the sun?
I bet you've heard it Nick, just didnt know it. It doesnt actually sound like a beep like everyone is saying, its more of a high pitch sqeel. Mine does it when I am under 1/4 tank. It sounds like if you blow up a balloon and let the air out while stretching the opening. Atleast mine does.

Sounds nasty, think i'll be doing the fix if its that bad... black bike and aussie sun.


the sun in arizona is worse. its getting around 115 now for the high. and it will probably get even hotter by august
Hehe, I work in 130 degrees, and our winter at the moment it about 80. I used to work in a place called weipa which is in the middle of no where on the tip of australia, it was 105 during the day and 90 at night all year round almost. I have worked in 140+ but we had to do shifts of 10mins each as it was so brutal. Nothing better than crawling around in the roof!

The US and Aus climates are quite simliar, you just have lower lows, our max low was about -8F.

Loving these winter days at the mo. Ute runs like a animal with all that lovely cold air.


I don't think ive ever heard it. My bike is never parked in the sun (unless i stop at a store or something), so maybe it never gets hot enough?

I remember when I was a little kid, it was 122 degrees her in Phoenix. I was in the car with my mom and we saw a truck that had sunk to its axles in fresh asphalt. Now that is freaking hot!
Man, today was the best ride I have ever had riding. It was 87 degrees out and blue sky. My bike ran so good. Every gear pulled like crazy and I never once felt that "blurp" or hessetation. I was running 87 octane. Only one thing though, the tank was squeeling at me all day. It was kinda annoying, but I just put my hand over the gas cap and it would muffle it. It would stop eventually, but it is kinda annoying. oh well. Great day though. Love this bike.
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Thanks scootyscootscot.


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Are you responsible if the mod doesnt work Felix the cat???haha
Are those few missing images important at all or do you not know?
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