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I thought the information on this website was very interesting and educational. Much of the information many might have read or already know. However, as with any subject/topic dealing with different gasoline and additives, many will have their own experiences, opinions and expertise. Hopefully others will find it useful.

TIPS to help Choose a Gas Additive with E10 fuel :

  • AVOID products that contain alcohol (includes isopropyl, methanol, etc.) and/or strong solvents, emulsifiers and water-absorbing agents.
  • No additive (chemical ingredient) can prevent or remove water from a sedentary tank in storage.
  • Don't fall prey to deceptive advertising and scare tactics - Check product ingredients before use.
  • Additives that are beneficial usually raise energy (improve performance) and help protect parts (lubricate).
  • Since E10 is a strong solvent, cleanser, de-greaser, anti-freeze and octane enhancer it often replaces the need for additional gas additives. Ask yourself, why add more alcohol, for "prevention" for ethanol alcohol-caused gas problems? Simply makes no sense...

Simple E10 precautions
are usually enough to avoid most gas-caused problems.
#1 E10 Gas Problem=Water Absorption Causing Phase Separation:
No miracle additive exists that can stop ethanol from absorbing water ---> Your best defense= Buying high quality gasoline + replacing often - Always test gasoline to confirm water-free with 10% or less ethanol.

Note: Sta-bil Fuel Stabilizer and Star Tron Fuel Treatment are currently listed as the two safest products with E10 gas, when a gas additive is necessary. They're alcohol-free.

You can review a list of gasoline additives at http://www.fuel-testers.com/is_gas_a..._e10_list.html

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I used startron and it was great. I used it in my car also. I didn't even know it was alcohol free. I lucked out I guess.
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