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Since we are all over the world .. There are several stories or funny and stupid criminals. I though it would be fun to start a topic and start listing stories so we can all get a good laugh.... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Cocaine stolen from trunk, so man calls 911, police say

When alleged drug dealer Steven Dragon found out that a half a kilo of cocaine had been stolen from the trunk of his car on the North Side last January, he panicked and did a strange thing, according to police: he dialed 911 to report the theft.

What he didn’t know was that police had taken the drugs themselves as part of an undercover sting targeting the Two-Six street gang, according to a federal complaint unsealed Thursday.

Operation “Shady Business” targeted Dragon and 23 other alleged members and associates of the Two-Six, who face state and federal gun and drug charges connected with the cocaine and cannabis trade in Little Village. Twenty-two were arrested in a series of raids in Chicago and Berwyn Wednesday.

The 15-month joint operation between Chicago Police, The Drug Enforcement Agency, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office and federal prosecutors snared several high ranking drug dealers and “stopped a lot of potential violence,” Chicago Police Deputy Chief Nick Roti said.

More than $1 million in marijuana plants, 200 ecstasy pills, $21,000 cash, a kilo of cocaine, 25 handguns and five rifles were seized during the operation.

Dragon, of Comstock Park, Mich. was behind the wheel of a BMW when he was stopped by police at the intersection of Belmont and Broadway on January 14 and was told he was a suspect in a purse snatching, according to the federal complaint.

While he was taken away for a phony police “line-up,” officers took the cocaine from the trunk. When Dragon returned to his unlocked car 15 minutes later, he was seen “running and pacing in the area in a frantic manner while appearing to talk on his cellular phone,” the complaint says.

A record of the 911 call he made says he told the dispatcher, “Somebody robbed my car when the police had me. . .they took my keys and everything.” He fled before police arrived but moments later, he called an alleged accomplice on a wiretapped phone and told him, “I just got f***ed, so hard,” according to the complaint.

In a lengthy and curse-ridden tirade that would not seem out of place in a Quentin Tarantino film, Dragon allegedly explained what had happened to his pal, telling him, “I’m f***ing sick to my stomach, bro. I’m f***ing crying, bro. I’m f***ing throwing up, dude. I’m f***ed,” the complaint alleges. Dragon had traded his Audi A6 for the cocaine and was worried what he would tell his dad, it’s alleged.

His pal, Michael Vaca, 31, of Chicago, told him he was lucky because “you could have went to jail for it,” if the police had found the cocaine, the complaint says.

Another alleged co-conspirator, alleged high-ranking Two-Six gang faction leader Francisco Masias, was also later recorded telling Vaca that the ‘stolen’ cocaine was good luck because, “I would rather lose some money any day of the week, dude.”

Masias helped mastermind a marijuana-growing house on the 7000 block of West 74th Place, where 101 marijuana plants were seized on June 30, the complaint says. He allegedly threatened to lay off an underling who was not a “dedicated worker,” telling him, “I’m gonna have to give you a pink slip, dog.”

Masias was fronted cocaine from three higher level dealers — Juan Maldonado, 32, of Chicago, and Francisco Montemayor, 29, of Cicero, and Teodoro Gorostieta, 23, of an unknown address —the complaint alleges. Gorostieta and Maldonado remained at large Thursday, officials said.

If convicted, the defendants face sentences of up to 40 years behind bars and $2 million fines.

The sting was the second in recent months against Two-Sixers. In July 25 men with alleged links to the gang were charged with federal gun and drug offenses.

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the latest bust was one of a series against the many gang factions that control the city’s drugs market.

“No one believes that Chicago has one big pyramid with one Mr. Big at the top,” he said, adding that no single case would stop gangs and drugs in the city, but that “we need to keep going.”

He was “not aware of a prior incident” in which a drug dealer had dialled 911 in an attempt to recover stolen drugs, he said.
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