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I’m a modern day biker, got a scooter to prove it, got ink on my arm, took 5 minutes to choose it.

My putt she’s a beauty 40 grand worth of chrome, I'd never rode when I bought her, so I trailered her home.

I bought her on credit, accessories up the wazoo, bought some worn chaps and a leather jacket on HD credit too.

I got me some apes, about 3 feet tall, they’re way over my head, can’t reach them at all.

Big carb and big cam, big tire to boot, but I pray she don’t break cuz I can’t fix my own scoot.

Couple falls, couple crashes, another 5 grand in fix’n, now I got my permit just can’t take my little vixen.

The vixen she's a hottie, she’ll be 18 in June, she loves all the chrome and now gives me the poon.

I wear a bandana, all folded and pressed, no helmet for me, I ride to impress.

I got me an attitude, I’m the baddest in town, but I check it at the door when real patchers are around.

I bought a big knife but I leave it at home, I wore it out once but it got in the way of my phone.

I call my friends “bro” now, they got new scooters too, we think we need an oil change, just no sure how to.

I watch Pauly and Cody and Vinny and Senior, but I love Mikey the most, he’s the freaking ring leader.

And don’t forget Jessie and his West Coast Choppers, building every bikers dream, 50 thousand dollar bar hoppers.

I won’t ride to Sturgis, man that’s way too far, I’ll just load up the trailer and tow with the car.

I’ll stay in a motel, five stars there’s no doubt, One with great food and where credit has clout.

I will trailer near town then jump in with some scooters, 1200 miles to drool at some girl with fake hooters.

I might get my ear pierced or another tattoo, of skulls or of dagger or maybe F**k U.

If the vixen don’t like it and thinks I’m a dope, no problems here, it’ll wash off with soap.

Sleep on the ground! You’re kidding me right? Next thing you’ll want me to do is stay up n party all night.

I’ll buy me a patch that says “I RODE MINE THERE”, who the hells gonna know, it’s a lie but who cares.

Ride to live, live to ride, I got riden in my veins, except when it’s too hot or too cold or windy or it rains.

Yea, I’m a modern day biker, you got something to say? Send me an email, I’ll reply someday.

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I know this guy too. He is a young fella and a nice Kid. As a matter of fact. He is the most respected member of his family. Going back four generation .He is the first to actually own a Harley Davidson motorcycle and not just the T shirt.

Sorry I could not resist.
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