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Funny Noise

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Hello all didnt really know where to put this. I recently noticed that when i accel hard well to about 10000rpms i hear this weird rattling noise. Sounds like my keys are vibrating or plastic (i kno the whole bike is plastic) it sounds like its coming from where the radiator is and it will go away once i stop accelearting. I took my keys off and just had the bike key and still got the same noise its not that loud i can only hear it when i have my visor up. The bike is an 09 and rides great and has 1500 miles on it. I new to motorcycles just wanted to get some input from the people who have been riding longer than 2 months. Am i just being paranoid?
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You will get a certain amount of rattle at that rpm. Just check all your bolts, attachments, and mounts (particularly the windscreen and horn, the horn is mounted on the radiator). The diaphragm in the horn will vibrate and make noise.
Mirrors... oh and remember Kawasaki make NOISY engines.


turn it off and problem solved.. :-X

have u check on it park or does it happen when u are on gear?
hi-tech said:
turn it off and problem solved.. :-X

have u check on it park or does it happen when u are on gear?
LMAO yea i checked while it was in park it doesnt make the nose. I guess im just being nervous its prolly just something rattling. Thank you for the help everyone
hmmm... even park and on high rev and no noise? thats weird...
sprinter, I had a noise I was chasing for a while - turned out to be windscreen, like Ghost suggested. I was going down the road and put my left hand on top of the windscreen, pressuring it down, and it stopped. Turned out I had tightened the rubber mounts down too hard, and they weren't absorbing the vibrations, so I slid some rubber in between the fairing and the windscreen and it stopped..
spooph i had/have the same thing. Well it turns out my clutch lever vibrates a lil
sprinter, that's funny, cause I just found out mine does too, which is why I'm checking back into this thread... HAHA, funny noises on the bike. Have you tried tightening your clutch lever bolt and seeing if it goes away? I think I'm gonna try that and see what happens.
We had a weird noise on the four wheeler... turns out the chain was rubbing the swingarm type rear suspension thing on top. Any ideas how to solve that one?
a chain slide - piece of teflon you stick on the swing arm for the chain to ride on...

Also, sprinter, I tried tightening my clutch lever bolt, and the things stripped... So aggravating!
that should be stronger than that. crap metal :(
indeed. I'm ordering a replacement bolt, and think I will simply "shim" the clutch lever with a very thin washer than strip the second one, or do damage to the clutch lever bracket threads...
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