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Full exhaust, Shims and Snorkel removed. Dyno run.

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Ok well as most of you know I did a full Area P carbon fibre exhaust, raised the needles 0.06 and removed the snorkal. Been running it like that for few km's now and the bike had its first service today and dyno run.

So a ball tearing, wheel smoking 29.4hp. That translates to a increase of 22.5% if the stock figure was in fact 24hp. Not a very pretty curve at all, and by the looks of it pretty lean. Anyone with the know like to comment? Fuel was Aussie 91 octane.

I'm thinking jet kit next. But for now I might just whack the snorkal back in.

My last dyno run was 383hp, bit of a step down :p


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Just put my snorkel back in :D its a little bit of a mofo to get back in...
Snorkal for now, but jet kit long term. Just need to decide if I do it, or get someone else to.


Felix said:
Snorkal for now, but jet kit long term. Just need to decide if I do it, or get someone else to.

I would pay someone else to do it. Unless you know 100% that you can do it.
you need a dyno-jet kit, the bik is from the factory set to too litle fuel(emmision isues) and when you put a open exhaust system on, it runs too thin....Dyno-jet is the way to go ! mine with new airfilter has 33,6 hp
i had to take out the snorkel again coz the engine is starving for air about 8k but its running well now so im happy for now :D
Its not mega lean, and I cant feel the shortage of fuel. But that said, I think I will still be getting a jet kit and re dyno. Especially If I turn the bike into a tracker.


yeah i think rejet will be the way to go, just dunno if i wanna spend to much more one the bike, as its running well atm coz ill be upgrading in a year or so :D but hopefully resale will still be good especially with full zhorst :D
You're only too lean in the 6500 to 8000rpm area, you can see it in dyno graph also( power dips down). Almost everywhere else its too rich. You want to be around 13:1 to 13.5:1 for the runs...
So what you reckon Turblown, how could I smooth that out and richen it up in that spot? Think needles would make much difference? More shims?


Like turblown said, you're only too lean in that one spot, and the a/f ratio looks like its going as lean as 14.7 at 7500rpm. That may be where the needle is fully open but the main jet isnt putting out enough. I dont think any more spacing on the needle will help.

Honestly if you want that nice flat curve then you would either need lots of time messing with different jets...or fuel injection.

Nice run though!
Thanks for the input guys, good to see you over here kkim.

14.7 is lean, but its not super lean right? not going to do long/short term damage?

Its just clicked over 2000km, I'm running it on some BP Ultimate, which is higher octane and has a bunch of cleaning additives in. Just giving it one tankful see if the bike feels different.


Three 0.02's on each carb.


Yeah I cant 'hear' any pinging... and with the higher octance in today, no change in noises. But it is hard with the AreaP to determine any engine noise. It 'feels' ok through the revs, no lag spots etc. I might hunt for some more washers and give that a shot next weekend, got a pretty big weekend of modding planned for this one. Dont think I can squeeze in re-shimming to.

Oh and give the screws a turn to I guess, it would be better to get it back on the dyno afterwards, but its just finding the time.


Not any noticable difference. I'm now looking at some jet kits... then back on the dyno.


I think a thinne mid section in the needle. check out the chart from whoever is selling the parts . there are thousands of choices. you can finr tune it from the chart there.
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