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Since I no longer have easy access to a Kawasaki dealer, I need another source of filters.

Where do you get them, and is there a Fram part number to replace our originals?

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Aren't fram filters made by walmart?

Here is a list of oil Filters that fit the Ninja:

Amsoil: SMF 101 (No longer available. Replaced by WIX 24941.)
CarQuest: CFI-89941
Emgo: 10-37500 (includes O-rings) 10-20300 (doesn't have O-rings)
Fram: CH6012
Hastings: LF571
Honda: 15410-426-010 or 15410-300-024
Kawasaki: 16099-003
K&N: KN-401
NAPA: PS4941 (formerly 4941)
Perf-Form: OF-0047 (formerly J-501)
Purolator: ML16812
STP: SMO-12 (Once readily available, now appears to have been discontinued.)
Triumph: 1210031
Vesrah: SF-4004
WIX: 24941
Yamaha: 36Y-13441-00
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