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This thread is meant to function as a log of this idea's status, originally here:

Quote from Felix
Greetings NewNinja Family.

As part of the ongoing improvements and upgrades to the site, over the next few weeks there will be some NEW changes.

These changes will be mainly to the Forum Layout. This is in an effort to make the site as user friendly as possible, while providing a fun and educational content. If you see something 'broken' or 'missing' or can't find your post, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator or myself.

We will also be asking for some help over this time, new moderators, technical 250r data, write-ups etc. If you feel there is something you can offer, please feel free to let us know either through a PM or posting in the Forum Admin & News section.

Safe Riding and thank you all for your visits, posts and patience.

I'm all for a new layout. I like the one we have now, but the colors suck. Grey and Red...big whoop lol. Maybe something that is as colorful as our regular users? lol

please don't turn us into the rainbow forum....

Although it would be kind of cool to design a part of the layout in each color the newgen ninja has been manufactured in...


I'm personally thinking something more neutral with some aspect of user control.

Maybe a soft very light, montage, grey on white background image instead of black.

Running through a few things, trying to come up with something.

Pearl white is the new favorite for the production colors....

How's about user selected 250R Blue/Green/Red/SE/ SEblack/SE Red, and the color scheme mirrors that of the bikes? You could even have it auto populate based on what they enter in the "bike" category on their UCP.... Just a thought.
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