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For Missouri locals if there are any

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Highway 160 across the southern portion of the state. Jesus! Hang on. The twists are one after another for about an hour and a half. If you go on a Sunday morning there is no traffic. You just have to watch out for the occasional dirt spill by a tractor or dumptruck. I'll have some pictures up by next weekend when I go back. I've been trying to see how far I can push this little 650 before I hit the Dragons Tail. Within reason of course. I'd hate to wreck a brand new bike. This may be the closest comparison I've found so far. Sorry to everybody else, but I'm trying to see if ther's anybody even remotely close to me on here.
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Don't ever apologise for getting out and riding! Bring back some good photos and all will be forgiven!!

BTW, Love your your signature!!
Oh how I wish we had twisty roads here. Sounds awesome, look forward to pics!
lolz, that is the most compact ride report I have ever read.... You're very excited, so that's good. Can't wait for the pics.
Well Spooph, I've always considered myself a minimalist. I wasn't sure how many riders were on here that were around me. It was directed at those folks. By the way, where are you from? If I ever make it out towards you, I'm gonna buy you a drink. Some of your posts had me laughing so hard I had tears. I may have to take the pictures from my truck. I don't have a go pro camera yet, and it's hard to take a picture while I'm riding. And I don't wanna stop on some of these roads.
haha, thanks man! I appreciate that! I live in Westminster, Colorado, but I will be traveling in your direction twice this summer, once to Kingston, ON, Canada, and once to North Carolina. If you're interested in meeting up, and can post in the threads....
Hey, I'm always up for a ride. Especially in the summer when I'm not in school. I'm willing to go just about anywhere with this bike now. The only place I can't go is off the pavement. I could, it just wouldn't be on purpose.
Dirt? Somebody say dirt? Just remove your fairings... :p
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