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Folding Trailers

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I live in an apartment, and will be for some time, even then, I'll be moving into a townhouse after, so trailers are a pita when it comes to storage....

Enter the Carlex folding trailer. (AU$660)


I'll be buying the nude frame, and buying a form ply 17mm base ($60 from my local wood shop), then buying one of these fellas...

then just need some ramps...

And I've got myself a storable, one man loading, drag bike transport :D :D :D

All for under a AU$1000 delivered to your door, just have to assemble.


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Oh and for orders over 800 bucks I get these free :D


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thats cool felix! deffinately worth doing for all your drag biking needs :p
make sure you tie your bike down nice and tight though, i dont want to see a future photo of you transporting it on its side :p
hmmmm Thats not a bad idea. I wonder if a subaru legacy can tow one. Now im going to be up all night wondering.
For sure Delta, it weighs nothing, and nearly all cars I've ever seen have a min 550kg towing capacity unbraked.

I'll be towing it with the Hyundai i30. Don't worry Met, it will be well strapped, i'll be paranoid the first time I tow it.


Pictures of the real thing! I wanna see you with a power drill and smiling when you put that ply on there.... :p
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