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Here's Latest Pic of Bike after the following Mods..
I will get some Outside pics if i can..

Powder coated:
Brake Dics/Front & rear
Rear sprocket
Aftermarket Foot Pegs/Coated Candy blue
Rear pass Pegs matte black
Exhaust matte Black

Rear fender Chop..


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Beezeroni said:
delta is going to be PISSED at you for doing the blue wheels.


but they look really good man.
He is right but It's o.k. because you have a blue bike. But man those rims are sick. Once I get my ninja I might have to send my rims to you. OMG I'm in love with the rims. I deferentially want my rims that color blue. You are in good graces with me. lol

So what is the exact blue you used? How much would it cost to do the ninja 250r rims?
1 - 20 of 242 Posts
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