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I know its been a while since i chimed in here but i figured id show off what ive done on my bike. I doubt anyone remembers one of the first post i put up saying i would throw on some gold accents to my black ninja, but i did, and it looks amazing! (at least i think so) let me know what ya'll think about it. the pics aren't that good for the details.

Mod List:
- rear seat cowel
- puig dark smoke windscreen
- full yoshi exhaust (carbon fiber, black matches real nice haha)
- stage 2 tune ( shimmed needles etc)
- new rear sets, without the rubber shit on them, of course black
- gold reflective rims stripes (good for visibility i highly recommend)
- smaller, tucked in turn signals (led's were shitty, didnt work right)
- rocking black and gold Pumas of course! haha

Most recent:
- heat painted the heat shield flat black
- painted all the body screws gold
- mirrors gold
- gas tank ring gold (looks nice)
- painted gold bar ends
- painted the vents on my helmet, top and sides

In the process:
- gold fleur de lis decal on the tank (tank protector area)
- black & gold soul decal (gold in color) somewhere, not sure yet
- gold vinyl decal over the kawasaki tank decal
- if i can find it, a gold Ninja decal in the ninja font

I think i covered everything. She certainly looks nice with the gold accents. Representing my heritage, Louisiana that it haha.

Let me know what you guys think, ill try to get up some better pics so you can get the full effect


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thanks man. i got a few of my ideas from this site like over winter. i saw someone do the same thing with a green bike but black bolts. i also saw what you did with the rims, very nice my man

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i originally wanted to gold rims....and to tell the truth would totally love too but i dont know where to go or what to do...any suggestions on powder coating guys/girls? i saw that one white bike a long time ago with some delicious gold rims and totally want em. let me know if anyone knows how to get this done. thx
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