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So i recently turned my idle down a little bit because my idle was upwards of around 3k rpm. I turned the idle adjustment knob down until my idle sat at about 1500 rpm. Now sometimes when i first start up the bike, i'll start it with the choke and let it idle high for a minute or two and then turn the choke off before i go riding. But it feels like usually within the first like idk 10-15 minutes of riding since i started the bike, sometimes in frist gear the bike feels like it's thirsty for gas and it putters until i get into higher RPMs.

Could this just be because the bike is cold?


Sometimes after this happens, and i come to a stop, i'll put the bike in neutral.. but then when i put the bike down into first gear, it will just turn off. It will do this maybe once or twice, then it will be fine.

I'm hoping this is just the symptoms of a cold motorcycle.

And my final question!

Does anybody have a little bit of play in their clutch, when the clutch is all the way let out... it feels to have a little bit of play back and forth until the clutch engages in it's spot... normal or no?


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The Ninja runs a little lean in the lower RPMs, so it is not going to move all that great without twisting the throttle a little to get it going. The power band starts about 4,000 rpm but it is possible with practice engaging the clutch, a good break in and proper tuning to get it moving under 2,00 rpm (providing it is warm). As far as the clutch there is a little play in it when it is fully engaged. The bike should not cut off when you shift the bike from neutral to first. (does the bike lurch when you shift to first? If so, Your clutch may not be fully disengaged) Even if the bike is cold it should not cut off shifting from N-1st. You may want to blip ( twist) the throttle a very little bit (to rev up the rpm) before downshifting. Remember it is ok to ride the bike at a little higher than 4k during break in. Make your increase in rpms gradual and dont abuse the gears and transmission. Have the dealer check your clutch for you if it is still under warranty.
To check it yourself-
•Pull the clutch lever just enough to take up the free play
•Measure the gap between the lever and the lever holder.
If the gap is too wide, the clutch may not release fully. If
the gap is too narrow, the clutch may not engage fully. In
either case, adjust it.
Clutch Lever Free Play
Standard: 2 ∼ 3 mm (0.08 ∼ 0.12 in.)
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