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Few Mods I did...

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Hi All,

Just to start off I have obviously cut the rear fender... Yuk! and thats not the end of that thing, i have a custom design i am working on, but enought about that,

1/ I removed all the reflectors, which is illegal in mass, so i replaced them with sticker style dot reflectors, on the front forks and on the rear swingarm and two liscense plate reflectors for the back (see pic)

2/ I used HOT TIRES yellow tire paint, and colored my dunlops. just finished it tonight actually. let me know what you think. i personally love it.

3/ I installed Deer Warning Whistles inside the front fender, i drilled and screwed them to the fender bracket and then replaced the fender, its hard to tell they are there unless you bend down and even still you have to know what your looking for, but they do work on birds and rabbits and other small animals, they run and fly away as soon as they hear them. kinda a preventative mod... dont want to hit any deer... ;)

4/ Pro Grip Tank protector

5/ Barbed wire plate frame and Bullet Tire valve caps...

More to come. You are all welcome to ask questions on anything ive done... ;D

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Sweet. Nice bike. I like the color. haha. I like the yellow lettering. I dont mean to burst your bubble, but those whistles have never been proven to actually work. But, Id still put them on. haha. Better than nothing. haha. Welcome to the club.
Shame about the red, but like the idea of the lettering a lot...


I really like that yellow on the tires. I was never really game on the license plate frame things, but that's presonal style. Are those deer whistles really that effective? Are they audible to the human ear?
To be completely honest with you if they do whistle i cant hear them over my helmet... haha... some beleive they do and some believe they dont, i would rather take the safe approach and just put em on in the event i ever run across a deer ill let ya know... but the birds do fly fast away from me when i am riding... so i would assume they do something... better safe than sorry kinda deal i think.
Yeah, I agree, better safe than sorry. I was talking to an old timer about wanting to put the whistles on and he had this 20 min speach about how they didnt work. All I really heard was "dont waste your money." HAHA, but whats $1.79 at wal-mart. Can you get a close up of the yellow lettering? I think I might wanna do that.
pfft i've never heard of that before and i'm LMAO!!!

Gawd wouldnt that suck running into a friggin deer, next day you're in a body cast asking someone to make a thread on newninja.com about your experience ahaha!
im with virtualmatrix258.. never herd of that before. i suppose better safe then sorry, but feck.. can you imagine the mess a deer would make, god forbid any one ever come near one riding! yellow paint looks rowdy!! wat did you actually do to the tail? just chop it all off?
My boss almost hit two deer on his harley on two different occasions... so keep your eyes peeled...

but anyhoo, yea i just cut the fender off for now, but i have a new tail in the works that im planning on building, ill post pics when i get around to actually fabricating it.

and Stockwall, the closest pic i have of the lettering is this one here for now, i can get closer if you want but youll have to wait till i get outta work tomorrow... it takes some paitience to do, its not a fast process but in the end the extra effort is worth it i think.

and thanks for all your comments, i appreciate em whether they be for or against, i take creative criticism well...
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crushedcamber I love the pic of the wheels.
Well Thankyou Delta107, ;D they look real cool while spinning too! but its hard to drive while your leaning over to see em... hahaha :D
If u wanna see what happens when a bike hits a deer look it up on you tube. Its crazy.
Crushedcamber keep your eyes on the road, and hook up a video camera some how so you can see it. You don't want to crash. And tell the officer "I was trying to look at my wheels".
no prob i tell as i see and its dope
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