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fender removed!

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ok i finnaly hacked away my fender!i used a box cutter knife to get percise cuts where i wanted them and i kept the lights, and i made my own frame out of sheet metal for now, ill be making a solid steel frame soon, ive got everything from work! i have a temporary led light there! hope it holds out! lol, i ordered some license plate frame lights from ebay! check it out...
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Looks good abe, I cut my own too and I have a post for it as well. It's under fender and blinker mod. I can't see spending the money os a fender elimanitor when it looks about the same.
Thanks! i had done only half of it when i started and i got an itch that said go for it all! lol.
YEA!!! 101 posts im a full member now!!! oh and i did this without removing anything! besides the fender of course lol!
Looking good abe!


I have to say...of all the red ninjas around here, I definitely like yours the best. Good work.
Very Nice work.
Nice work, but I'd bend it out just a smidge if I were you.... It seems to follow the lines of the bike when bent out... But hey, I'm not you, and that's not my bike, so enjoy regardless!

Sick look bike all around. Keep the rubber side down!
R6S_2NR said:
hampton dont be a kiss ass! hahaha jk
hahaha. I'm just sayin!...even though I think the red is cheesy. The black and white sets it off nicely :p
here is my fender eli kit all custom baby! i didnt like the turn signlas i think it kills the style now looks more slick and racy! plus we dont need turn signals here in az we can use our hands but the plate does need to be in visable sight, i dont have a light for it but the rear tail light lights it up a bit plus cars headlights light it up pertty well hope you guys like it, check it!

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I like his sticker scheme, looks better on the red than it does on the green '09 bikes.
hey looks great r6! and thanks virtual! man i havent posted in almost a week lol!
thanks abe! need to update us on how your fender is working and what not!
i have aluminum sheet as my bracket but its not holding up, its a little flimsy so imma go out and buy those aluminum bars with holes in it and paintem black! that should hold up nicely, and as of lights i got those bolt on leds, ill post pics when i redo mine!
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