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Fender Mod

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Hey guys , I know this topic has been covered but its always nice to see different kits. I paid 75$ CND for it , took me about 30min to install with no cutting or adjusting involved.


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Sorry for the quality, but I had to crop them like crazy to be able to upload.


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Looks good but why are the turn signals tilted up?

For pics host the pics at like photo bucket or something like that then copy the URL code here
yeah I know, I did'nt put them on right cause im intergrating them in my tail lights. I will use photobucket from now on , thanks for the advise.
Brand and link?

Looks good, all that weight reduction and improved wind resistance!


Hey Felix, the make is rumble concept and here is the link. I bought it from my Kawi dealer.

Not bad, at least they tried to match the angles better than that other one targa i believe...

not to crap on anyone with a targa but thats why i didnt buy one is the horrible look of the metal not bent to at least halfway match the bike...
I thought the look is pretty sharp, and the price even better.
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