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Fender Eliminator Kit and/or Integrated Tail Light and/or exhaust idea

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Okay, let me set the scene,

I have my awesome 09 S.E. 250R.
Got the NINJA frame sliders installed at CYCLE CITY of Erie, PA(Also where I bought the bike with a 3 year free maintenance plan for $1,000, which also means I get HALF off install of accessories purchased through the dealer).

So my next plans are the hr1 exhaust which you can get any color, being that I have the S.E. I was thinking make the exhaust can BLACK and the tip WHITE to go with the black and white on the side OR just the whole thing green to go with the rest of the bike. thoughts?

I plan on get the integrated tail light and a fender eliminator kit and what I want is a NO CUT kit because I don't want some punk cutting chucks out of my tail. For example the Targa kit, my question is can I simply take off the stock turn signals out of the Targa kit when I get the tail light? I looked around for a few hours and was only able to find an integrated tail light with a Comp werkes, which from what i could see was one that has to be cut, but I could be wrong, can anyone clear this up for me?

And I'll talk about the frame sliders in another post when i get some pictures in the daylight.

Thanks in advance,

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The comp werks, you can take off the signals and the parts for them, as I had it with my intergrated LED brake light. But i don't know about the others...
Okay, how much cutting does that require?
i believe there is no cutting for comp werks, just take of the old fender and pu on the new. To take off the turn signal mounts, you just unscrew to nuts on each side and they come off then put the nuts back on and your good, so no cutting.
So NOBODY has any thoughts on the HR1 exhaust??? poopheads.
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