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False neutral

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Sometimes when I shift from 1st to 2nd I slip into neutral by mistake, engine revs cause I hit the throttle and I go nowhere. Of course I then have to shift back to 1st and try it again. Oops, false neutral.

My question is, can you adjust the space between the gear shift and your boot so you can pull up on the shifter in a shorter distance OR adjust the gear shifter so it doesn't take as far to pull up before it clicks into the next gear?
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There should be. We had to do that on an atv we had a while back to make it rideable for a shorter guy.

We just took the shifter off, twisted/turned/adjusted it so there was less of a draw and then put it back on.

But that was on a honda 125 ATV, so it could be different.
Yes you can adjust the lever, and if that needs adjusting chances are the brake needs adjusting to, unless you have one leg shorter than the other :p

Check out this thread...



I have had the same problem a few times.

I think it has to do with the kawasaki "sure neutral" feature.(not sure if i got the name right but they have a feature to help finding neutral easier and it has to do with RPMs when in first and second.)
Only happens to me when i baby it or short shift from first to second.
It happens to me in other gears too not just 1st to 2nd. That's why I'm sure that the gear shift lever has to be adjusted. And it's not because I'm too short, I'm 5'10" - wear a size 9.5 boot - and weight 130 lbs. It has to do with how far you can flex your ankle up so that your toes pull up on the gear shift lever.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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