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Fall Foleage tour.

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I was woundering if any Maryland /Virginia riders where thinking about riding Skyline drive this fall to see the leafs? People could meet at Front Royal for brakefast. Then ride as far as you want . I dose not have to be one time thing or even orginised. just get some friends together. The speed limit is 30 mph and trafic moves but at a seight seeing pace. It is fun for a while especaly on a smaller bike. wrestling a 150 hp liter bike in first gear is not much fun there.


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I REALLY wanna do skyline drive. I'm game for getting a ride together.
First couple of weekends of September or the first weekends of October. are good for me.
Lets see what others are up for .
Have you ridden it before?
I've been there a couple times in the car and it's really a great drive. I love how the whole thing is just mountain views and whatnot. I've only been in the summer though, so I'm sure the fall would be a whole new experience.
Sounds very interesting. I am in.
Keep us posted!
So October? Maybe a Saturday? I'm kinda scared of the bay bridge and I-95 or 495 or whichever one I have to get on, but I might be able to suffer through it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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