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Basically, I only ride my Ninja to and from work, and both my apartment and my office are pretty much right on the interstate exit / entry ramps. As a result, my morning procedure -

Start engine with choke. Go outside apartment and wait at signal. Enter interstate ramp and turn off choke. Cruise at around 65 for 5-8 minutes depending on traffic. Get off interstate, reach office and turn off engine.

I do the same thing pretty much in the evening. There's a signal right outside the office before the interstate entry ramp, then after around 5 miles my house is right off the exit.

I don't really use the bike all that much on weekends to be honest.

Am I spoiling the bike by driving just the above mentioned way? I start the engine, and pretty much in 2 minutes I am at cruising speed for like 10 minutes, and then shut it down !
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