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Extended Swingarm

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2009, lowered with extended swingarm. Rides great.....


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I need to do that . Is that a swingarm from another bike ?Or is it a custom swingarm ?
Wow looks SWEET! Details on the swing arm like X said, and the brake lines.

This is on my to do list.


Some online bike stores sell extended swingarm kits for a lot of different bikes. I stumbled upon them a few times when surfing for bike stuff but I can't remember where. I think some kits include the swingarm, brake line and chain, or if they're not all included in one price then they tell you which items to buy.
the kits that extend the swingarm are mostly for aluminum swingarms. The stock steel swing arm weighs a ton. I want to go back 5 inch.
I got prices around 1000 dollars to make one from scratch. I was hoping some one would find a dirt bike swing arm that bolted right up haha.

I would go with HEL brake lines. Home Page I know the owner they are the best. He can custom make any size and color you want. ALL DOT and Everything else approved.
Thanks. The swingarm is custom. Its welded and extended 8 inches. Had to get a new breakline and i just added links to the chain. Im trying to sell it now. Let me know if u know someone thats looking to buy a 250. $3200. Im located in Wilson, NC....757-331-0126
Sorry i couldnt give u more info about the breakline. I have no idea about the details lol. Yea, im still a girly girl lol
Why are you selling? What other mods do you have on it ?
I havent done anything else to it except change the rear signals to tear drop lights. I really dont have much time to ride so thats why im trying to sell it. I used to ride with a bike club, but I got out of the club cause that required wayyyy to much time and money!
It's a nice bike. Shame you are getting rid of it. Mine is blue too. If I were you I'd hold on to it for a little while, especially if it is paid for. Today is a nice day for a ride. You going out?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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