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Ex250 carb issues

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So I got my first street bike 3 days ago. A 2000 ninja ex250. It ran great when I got it and we got a huge snowstorm a day ago, I was riding down my drive way and I dropped it D: luckily I wasn't going very fast but since then, my ninja has been real "boggy" under 4k. It's really responsive about 6k though?.. Can someone explain to me what happend?
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sounds like you may have dirt or varnish in one of the jets must have come loose when it went over use cfoam or carb clean might fix it.
Yeah, I took it apart and cleaned it. Having trouble getting it to fit right but I'll get it!
check the choke cable for kink also may have gotten pinched then check all cables and adjust if necessary
Maybe, I did notice there is something wrong with the throttle. It takes awhile to come back down to idle after I let off the gas
after you lube the throttle cable check your air filter could be dirty or moist
Never thought of that! Thanks man
the summer of 2003 i drove my ex250 over 2500 miles up and down mountain roads and it never let me down ,the total trip cost me $160 and thats even with buying a salmon fishing license.i sold it to my nephew in then he sold it to a friend it now has over 50000 miles on it.we run carb clean mid summer and fuel stabilizer before winter never had carb problem yet.
Awesome! Mine has just over 18k on it
I was thinking something involving the choke cable also, but usually when the RPMs hang when you close the throttle it's a vacuum leak.

Look at where the carbs mount to the intake boots to confirm one didn't pull out from the boot. Another possibility would be something shifted under the seat and is blocking the intake snorkel.

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