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Everything is installed...except the rearsets ;) (PICTURE HEAVY)

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Some of you might have read this already on Kawiforums, here's my update for you guys  ;D

BEET fully adjustable rearsets **Getting installed today**

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Looking good man. How easy was it to order the A Tech gear?


Looking good man. How easy was it to order the A Tech gear?
Thanks Felix! Easy peazy. I used Rinkya remember? http://rinkya.com/. Very happy with the results. It's free to create an account and they do a "deposit" check on your credit card to enable you to order. I.E. $200 to spend $1000, although they don't actually charge $200 to your card.

Fees are explained well and it's just a matter of being very clear in your order with them. Here is a sample template I've made that has caused zero confusion in the ordering process (this was based off their required information guide as well).

Store URL: http://www.a-tech.org/shop/

**Click the "2008 Model Ninja 250r" banner on the main page under "New item!!"**

1)Item is on the 2nd column, 6th row
Item: SPL front fender フロントフェンダーSPL
Desc: No.K01444  Color: T/C
Price: ¥ 28,350

2) Item is on the 2nd column, 5th row
Item: Pat tank type R (40mm) タンクパット タイプR
Desc: No.K01414  Color: T/C
Price: ¥ 10,290
Qty: 1

The best part is that Rinkya is based in the U.S. with people on staff that speak perfect english. They must have native Japanese speaking people on hand to take care of the ordering. Or maybe they're all bilingual :)

Basic steps are:
1) Submit your order (ONE order PER store. If you want to buy stuff from a second online dealer, you need to submit a second order)
2) They quote the entire order (not including shipping to U.S.)
3) You pay the quote
4) You wait for the products to reach Rinkya's warehouse in Japan
5) You now have the option to batch ship multiple orders. They can keep products for you up to one month. So if you want to save on shipping and you plan on ordering multiple items, you can have them hold off sending until you're ready.
6) You request shipping
7) Rinkya sends you a shipping quote (EMS is preferred!)
8 ) You pay the quote
9) They update your acct with tracking information of the shipped pkg.

Everything else is explained on the site really :)
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Wow looks great!!!

So how much money have you put into the ninja?
Delta107 said:
Wow looks great!!!

So how much money have you put into the ninja?
TOO MUCH....trust me :) I'm scared to make an itemized list.
Your bike is sick... except... i want one of the rear sets installed!!! ;D pwetty pwease! :D
Good info there dude, thanks!

I might be interested in those rear sets as I just found out today that my boots have been rubbing as take the paint off :(

You put a cost for the rear sets somewhere and I've missed it?


Yea I'd be interested in the cost of those rear sets as well ;)
pardon the noob-ness, what's a rear set? and whats the benefits in what you got? :)
Allot of it comes down to appearance, In some of it there's weight reduction as well.
Generally aftermarket parts work better aswell.. thats why there's a demand for them. They look and perform just as good, or better.
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