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Hey community,

Just wanted to get advice on what items should I have at all times on the moto in the event I have an off/tire gets a flat etc. I don't want to have excess/unnecessary items.


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Definitely a tyre puncture repair kit with either the small CO2 canisters, or a portable compressor.
Ensure the toolkit supplied with the bike is beefed up a little with good quality tools, some manufacturers skimp on the tools in the kit with low quality materials that can break just when you need them.
Apart from that, make sure your phone is charged at all times, and perhaps a secret stash of cash just in case!

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I agree with zandit however the only thing id say is replace the stock tool kit with better tools. Such as the wrenches and the screw drivers. They dont have to be the most expensive ones but just better than the stock ones so not to
Strip things and make your day worse. Also you should keep a few zip ties for Emergency fixes and a rag. The phone thing is a great idea but
Honestly thats hard to do on a bike. However, if you take time to install a 12 volt
Plug which is very simple you can keep
A Charged phone. 12 volt plugs are easy to
Install and can be mounted
Under Most rear seats allowing for a car
Charger to be plugged in for your
Phone. The last thing is a small light preferably a tap light so when your broke
Down at night you can use it to allow people to see you on the shoulder

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this is what i like to have with me, when travelling long distance:
- tubeless tire repair kit (with compressed air cylinders)
- pliers to pull nails out (from the stock tool kit)
- valve tool (in case the tire valve develops a slow leak)
- tire pressure gauge (always in my jacket pocket)
- compact hand pump (as a back up...)


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